It isn't the instrument thats being played that makes the difference, but the man who plays it.

Month: February, 2012

Allegro Tee

The Allegro tee is finished.  This is the first piece of the Accent collection.  The musical term “Allegro” means to play with a quick and lively tempo.  If you are interested in buying one of them please send an email to


Tim Packard Videography

Lewiston-Auburn, Maine native Tim Packard is one of the most respected and dedicated riders in New England hands down and has been putting out a steady flow of edits of the local scene in the Southern Maine area since the early 2000’s (prob alot earlier than that) and especially the last year or so.  He just got ahold of a new Panasonic (hooked up from videographer/skiier/bmxer/friend Taylor Mcintosh) to keep things rolling official.  This is just another great asset to help grow bmx in the area and it just makes it fun filming and having that productive balance.  Whether its filming a solid view or capturing some awesome riding.