It isn't the instrument thats being played that makes the difference, but the man who plays it.

Month: August, 2012

Josiah Webber aka 207 @ Bandcamp (Commercial Friends)

Bmx rider Josiah Webber from Portland, Maine is doing work with the Maschine.  Check out 207’s new digital album on Bandcamp.  A free download of all the tracks is available.   The album has an interesting set of samples and chops and the name “Commercial Friends”  is definitely suiting.  It is nice because alot of the samples are from records out of local shops right in town Portland.  My favorite track being Jewel.  Check it out!


Wilson Cramp cruising

Wilson’s busted knee cap is almost 100% healed and we’ve been starting to get the sessions rolling back into gear.  One place we went to was this transition tree where Wilson was getting really high on.  It’s funny to think that the tree had most likely started growing before bmx itself even existed. 

Umihiko Asano – Tokyo, Japan


Umihiko Asano – Japan

Umihiko is one of Japans best riders.  From Tokyo, he has a really fresh style and rides with tons of pop.  He has some of the craziest tailwhips I’ve ever seen on street and offers alot of unique lines.  You will get to see Umi as well as some of the hidden and amazing spots the Tokyo (almost 10,000 miles away from Maine) area has to offer in some of the next Accent videos coming soon.  Stay tuned..

Mosaic series

Work of the first design out of a series of mosaic influenced pieces.