It isn't the instrument thats being played that makes the difference, but the man who plays it.

Wilson Cramp cruising

Wilson’s busted knee cap is almost 100% healed and we’ve been starting to get the sessions rolling back into gear.  One place we went to was this transition tree where Wilson was getting really high on.  It’s funny to think that the tree had most likely started growing before bmx itself even existed. 


Umihiko Asano – Tokyo, Japan


Umihiko Asano – Japan

Umihiko is one of Japans best riders.  From Tokyo, he has a really fresh style and rides with tons of pop.  He has some of the craziest tailwhips I’ve ever seen on street and offers alot of unique lines.  You will get to see Umi as well as some of the hidden and amazing spots the Tokyo (almost 10,000 miles away from Maine) area has to offer in some of the next Accent videos coming soon.  Stay tuned..

Mosaic series

Work of the first design out of a series of mosaic influenced pieces.


Kiwi & Indigo

Just came in..


Justin and Dave training for the 2012 London Olympic Games…

Wells Beach

We decided to drive down towards Ogunquit from Portland and the clouds were getting seriously dark.  We pretty much got in the truck and it rained.   We drove down in pouring rain anyway until we got to Wells where the storm subsided only to open up to a gigantic and bright rainbow over Wells Beach.  A rainbow is caused by the sun shining light onto droplets of moisture in the Earths atmosphere causing a multicolored arc.  This happened to be a double rainbow where the light was reflected off the droplets twice.  Also its interesting that the colors of the second arc are reversed from the first.   They appear directly opposite from the sun.  Its nice to learn little details of something you can sometimes not think that much of.    

Steve Wing whip

Steves bike has always been dialed and fresh looking.   It’s always cool to see what his setup is looking like cause it’s always classic and solid.  This is what he’s got going on right now…

Frame-Fly Pantera 2.
Fork-Fly Agua
Bars-Fly Montana
Grips-ODI Longnecks(best in the game!)
Stem-Madera top load
Brake lever-Fly
Brake cable-Nokon (Been running the same one 5 years now. Never have to deal with blown out linear cables!)
Brake-Fly v1 w/clear Odyssey pads
Sprocket-Profile spline drive 28t
Cranks-Profile spline drive w/GDH spindle
Bottom bracket-Profile
Chain-KMC Kool chain
Pedals-Fly Ruben pc
Seat-Fly Uno
Front wheel-Fly hub laced to Fly front rim
Rear wheel-Madera v2 cassette 10t w/ GDH axle laced to Fly front rim
Spokes-Shadow Conspiracy
Tires- Fly Ruben 2.25 front, Fly Ruben 2.15 rear
Custom mods/extra-Been running my Pantera 2 for quite some time. I love the 74.5 degree head tube and welded on chainstay brake mounts this frame has. Its a classic look and feel. Been so happy with it that I haven’t had to mod it too much, just shaved a tiny bit inside the rear dropout to get the wheel slammed and the chain perfect. Stripped the frame to bare metal and spray bombed it flat black. Also, I went out shooting guns in the woods with my buddies and I saved two .357 shells and use them as valve caps haha! My bike weighs in at approximately 24lbs, and while that may not be considered light, it holds up to all kinds of stuff and I can trust it even after all this time. I don’t grind, and my knees can’t handle huge drops anymore so I can make a good frame last awhile!

NYC in late April