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Month: March, 2012

Tim Packard Bike Check + Video/Photo Equipment




Frame : S&M WTF drilled for gyro tabs 20.75
Fork : S&M WTF
Bars: S&M Perfect 10 cut to 27.5
Stem : Original S&M Redneck haha
Headset: Fly with FSA top seal and spacer.
Grips: ODI
Bar Ends: Federal
Lever : Odyssey Monolever
Seat: Generic Pivitol
Post: Stolen Wedge post (I dont need a wedge post now but seat aint movin!)
Brakes: Odyssey OG evolver
Cables: Snafu upper, Shadow Conspiracy lower
Detangler: Snafu
Cranks: Primo 175mm
Sprocket: Banned Budsaw
BB: Odyssey MID
Pedals: Odyssey JCPC
Rear Hub: Gsport Ratchet, 10t 3rd rebuild with it and going strong!
Front Hub: Eastern Venus
Rims: Eastern Diode
Hub Guards: Eastern Front, BSD rear
Pegs: Kink Lite
Tires: Odyssey Aitken Front 2.35 Rear 2.25
Custom/Mods: The frame is drilled for gyro tabs, it doesnt come stock that way for some reason.
 All of the parts that are silver are just raw aluminum.  I used oven cleaner to remove previous
anodizing and gave them polishing and a light clear coat.
(standard definition)
Panasonic DVX100b
Opteka lens
3 Batteries
(high definition)
Panasonic HDC-SX6
(dslr backup/ hd)
Nikon D3100

Dave Twiss – Photo: Lino Gonzalez

This is an amazing shot of legendary Maine rider Dave Twiss doing a fakie air barspin.  The best thing about his barspins are that he learned them on random sketchy Portland setups and has never touched a foam pit.  I have seen Dave pedal so fast at a fakie air its seriously scary and I have literally never seen anyone get as much height on them.  Not to mention he’s throwing a barspin in this.  Lino shot this one while the 90East and 207 crew were riding together last fall.  Check the face to bar ratio. I will pay for Daves airplane ticket just to go to the next  T1 fakie air contest because I know for a fact that he will win.         (click for higher res)